22 junio 2006

¡La Bestia regresa!

'I think in many ways this has been the easiest album in terms of recording that we've ever done. The whole process of writing through to recording was very natural. I think in terms of the material we've also pushed our boundaries yet again and I think it will please our fans but also really surprise a lot of people as well. The sound we've managed to get is very powerful for a Maiden record and all of us have pushed ourselves in our own ways to create something that we're all immensely proud of and I think working as quickly as we did with Kevin really was part of that process. We simply can't wait to take this out on the road. We've played some great shows and had a lot fun recently introducing some of our older songs to a new generation of fans. However for us personally we're incredibly excited about getting out and performing these new tracks' (Steve Harris).

2 comentarios:

Gallego dijo...

Hay ganas de Maiden ¿eh? :P

Añadir que el disco se llamará "A matter of life and death", y que llegará a las tiendas en Septiembre.

Por cierto, el 30 de Noviembre tocan en el Palau Sant Jordi con Trivium, así que habrá que pasarse por allí ^_^

Ed. Expunctor dijo...

Ya te digo... Que yo no fui a Lorca la vez pasada porque me pilló en medio de los exámenes...
Si llega a las tiendas en septiembre, supongo que me lo puede traer mi camello (un camello sin joroba y que rebuzna) antes de tiempo :)
Y en vez de ir a Barcelona ya podrían venirse a Los Alcáceres, como ya hicieron un par de veces.